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Asylum City

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Thriller Drama

Season 1  |  12 x 40' 

Language  |  Hebrew, English, Tigrinya  


Created by

Eitan Zur, Uzi Weil, Liad Shoham

Directed by

Eitan Zur

Written by

Uzi Weil

Based on the novel by

Liad Shoham

Produced by

yes TV, July August Productions

International Distribution

yes Studios

Based on the best-selling novel by the same name, "Asylum City" is set in the underworld of refugees and asylum seekers; those looking to help them and those who take advantage of their plight. A young social activist is found dead and the main suspect is an asylum seeker from Africa who was seen leaving her apartment. Police Officer Anat Sitton leads the murder investigation, unravelling a complex world of corrupt politicians, organized crime and illegal arms deals, putting her in the center of a dangerous and parallel universe with its own codes and morals.  


Series Mania 2019 | Lille, France

Toronto Jewish Film Festival | Canada

Other Israel Film Festival | NYC, US

UK Jewish Film | UK

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