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Back on Track

Family Drama

Season 1  |  10 x 35'

Language  |  Hebrew

Created by

Oded Noy

Directed by

Evgeny Ruman

Written by

Oded Noy, Kinneret Peled

Produced by

yes TV, Abot Hameiri Barkai

International Distribution

yes Studios

A family drama centering Gili Hadad, a small-town young and talented musician, whose greatest dream is to become a recording artist. He grew up as a wonder kid performing at a club owned by his father, who later abandoned the family, leaving Gili responsible for everyone. When his father suddenly dies, the family inherits his debts to a local mafioso and Gili must work as the mob boss' driver.


What begins as extreme hostility between the two men, slowly gives rise to a personal and complicated relationship that shakes up Gili's family. Through his connection to the mafia, Gili can finally kick off his musical career and find the father figure he never had.


"Back on Track" is more complex and interesting than most original series. It brings to the screen a unique, deep, and intimate portrait of Israeli culture" | Haaretz

"It's a real celebration and one of the best Israeli series shown on screen this past year." | Walla

"The pace of the series creates an authenticity that expresses itself in the characters, dialogues, and unique atmosphere… Bar Tsabari has the presence and charisma of a real star with an outstanding voice." |



Winner - Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, Israeli Academy TV Awards Israel

Winner - Best Original Music, Israeli Academy TV Awards Israel

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