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The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem

The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem First Look Trailer (English) - yes Studios.mp4
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Period Drama

Season 1  | 20 x 45' 

Season 2 | 16 x 45'

Language | Hebrew, English, Ladino Turkish, Arabic

Created by

Shlomo Mashiach, Ester Namdar Tamam, Oded Davidoff 

Directed by

S2 | Oded Lotan

S1  | Oded Davidoff

Written by

Shlomo Mashiach

Based on the novel by

Sarit Yishai-Levi

Produced by

yes TV, Artza Productions

International Distribution

yes Studios

Spanning from the early to the mid-20th century, THE BEAUTY QUEEN OF JERUSALEM unravels, recreates, and brings to life the story of the Ermosa family – cursed to marry and live without love.

Adapted from the bestselling novel by the same name, this colorful, passionate and tragic series, interwoven with Judeo-Spanish traditions, is set against the backdrop of resistance to the Turkish regime and the underground war with the British.


"The attention to detail and the huge investment in research and design of

the first decades of the 20th century is jaw dropping..." |

"[The series] definitely shows signs of an addictive show; A guilty pleasure that wants to make you sob in front of the screen... The multiple cliffhangers are designed to keep viewers coming back for more." |

"Juicy and direct, lavishly designed, well acted and most importantly, masterfully told... The conflicts, lies, the small rebellions of the Ermosa women... addictive story telling." | tvbee/

"Beautiful cinematography, impressive period reconstruction, great actors who engage in a juicy story filled with dark secrets, forbidden loves, spells and ancient rivalries." |

"The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem makes its amazing, much-awaited debut... It's soapy, fun, exotic... There is enough sex and passion here for audiences around the world to enjoy the series, whether or not they understand the intricacies of the Sephardi-Ashkenazi divide in Jerusalem". | The Jerusalem Post

"Artistically well done... the actors embody their roles in a captivating way - especially Aloni and Saada in the lead roles." |


Official Selection - Kolnoa Israeli Film Festival Paris, France

Official Selection - Series Stories Marseille, France

Winner - Best Daily Drama, Israeli Academy TV Awards | Israel

Winner - Supporting Actress, Israeli Academy TV Awards | Israel

Winner - Best Artistic Direction, Israeli Academy TV Awards | Israel

Winner - Best Visual Effects, Israeli Academy TV Awards | Israel

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