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Bloody Murray

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Season 1  |  9 x 25'

Season 2 | Commissioned

Language  |  Hebrew

Created by

Stav Idisis

Written by

Stav Idisis

Produced by

yes TV , Kastina Communications

International Distribution

yes Studios

Murray and Dana are best friends and roommates; Dana is a gynecologist and Murray a film lecturer specializing in romantic comedies – facing struggles of single life in their mid-30's. Their lives change when Murray ditches the scene of a hit and run, and the man she crashed into, Lior, shows up at her apartment – where he meets Dana – and the two fall madly in love. Murray soon realizes she has her own feelings for Lior...


Lonely and taking a cue from her work and the tropes of romantic comedies, she convinces herself that Lior is actually meant for her. Murray’s first interaction with Lior was not love at first sight, but everyone knows how classic romantic comedies begin. Single life brings many challenges and unique dynamics and the girls will experience them together.


Winner - Best Comedy, Midnight Comedy Program, Series Mania 2022 | France