Mockumentary Workplace Comedy

Season 1  |  22 x 25'

Season 2 |  20 x 20'

Season 3 |  In Production

Language  |  Hebrew  


Created by

Nadav Frishman, Yaniv Zohar

Directed by

Oren Shkedy

Written by

Nadav Frishman, Yaniv Zohar,

Arnon Weiss, Hagay Turisky,

Tal Michalovitz, Avi Belkin

Produced by

July-August Productions 
for Kan - Israel's Public Broadcaster

International Distribution

yes Studios

A mockumentary workplace comedy - a behind-the-scenes look at the clash of cultures and characters in a dysfunctional supermarket. Each episode follows the store’s crazy staff and equally eccentric customers.

The brilliant satire depicting the dysfunctional dynamics between the store’s staff and clientele. The ambitious store manager whose enthusiasm and unawareness are being taken advantage of; the cynical, lazy cashier with “the customer is never right” as her life motto; the religious supermarket’s butcher who loves to prank the employees; the elderly security guard who reacts extremely slowly to every event. With the shoppers and staff clashing between the aisles, the series quickly developed into the awkwardly familiar and ridiculously funny cult classic.


Nominated for Best Comedy at the 2019 International Emmy® Awards.

Season 2 currently nominated for 10 Israeli Academy Television Awards including Best Comedy.

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