Girl Under-Cover

Kids Thriller

Season  1  |  20 x 40’

Language |  Hebrew  

Created & Written by

Liad Shoham and Dana Shatz Brown

Co-Created by

Michal Cooper Keren

Written by

Dana Shatz Brown and Michal Cooper Keren

Produced by

yes TV, HSCC Slutzky Communication

International Distribution

yes Studios

Girl Under-Cover is a YA thriller about a girl who witnesses a murder at her high school and enters the witness protection program. She finds herself on the other side of town, a fish out of water, who must assimilate to the new way of living, while at the same time, solve the mystery surrounding the murder.

Dana (17), the daughter of two police officers who studies drama in high school, is the only witness to a murder that took place at her school. When the killer escapes from prison, she enters the witness protection program and is sent to an Orthodox Jewish family, to live in hiding. Away from everything she knows, she learns how to survive, and unwillingly yet inevitably, changes the fate of her host family forever.

Inspired by the novel End of the Game by Liad Shoham, it takes place in two cities – one secular and one religious – supposedly unrelated, although they share a border. One is where teenagers dream of becoming famous, and the other is where teenagers dream of going to Yeshiva and being married by the time they turn 18.

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