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Berlin Blues


Season 1  |   8 x 35' 

Language  |  German, Hebrew, English


Created by

Dana Idisis & Itamar Rotschild

Directed by


Written by

Dana Idisis & Itamar Rotschild

Produced by

Yes TV & Sumayoko

International Distribution

yes Studios

"Jonah, Talia, and their four-year old daughter, Renny, move to Berlin to start over - only to find out that they might be able to escape Israel, but they can't escape themselves."


For decades after the Holocaust, many Jews refused to visit Germany. Some still do.

Nevertheless, thousands of Israelis now call Berlin home, many of them second or third generation to Holocaust survivors. They are made to feel welcome in Berlin - it embodies freedom, tolerance, and an anything-goes spirit. Some young Israelis even apply for German passports, gaining citizenship that was stripped from their grandparents during the Nazi era.

While many Israelis choose Berlin for one practical draw - the cheaper cost of living - the history is hard to ignore. Their presence is a powerful symbol of generational change. Years ago, Israelis viewed emigration from their country as a betrayal, and moving to Germany was reviled as the worst betrayal of all. Many wouldn’t set foot in Germany even as tourists.

In “Berlin Blues”, our protagonists, Jonah and Talia, relocate to Berlin with the same aim as many Israeli transplants - to be happy, wealthy, and successful. Their experiences shed light on how the city has quickly become a haven for Israelis looking to open up a new page or - like Jonah and Talia - to leave something behind.