The Dance of Fire


Season 1  |  8 x 45'

Language  |  Hebrew


Created by

Rama Burstein

Directed by


Written by

Rama Burstein

Produced by

yes TV, 

International Distribution

yes Studios

Sales Format 

In Israel’s Tiberias, there is a Hasidic court called “Fayreslove” that possess about 400 households. It is detached from other orthodox communities or the touristic, popular parts of Tiberias. On a mountain overlooking the Sea of ​​Galilee, a Jewish kingdom stands alone, different from others with its unique rituals. The kingdom of “Fayreslove” has its inner struggles, beauty, nobility, and a great power given to one family.


Faigie was 18 when Nathan, 35, saved her life. She is a young ultra-Orthodox girl, feeling very lost in the world and tries to commit suicide. Nathan is a married man, who reached out to help her. Faigie finds him so uncommonly wise and sensitive that he quickly becomes her whole world. He teaches Faigie to live, and in return, she is prepared to die for him.


Faigie grew up with a mentally ill single mother. Nathan owns a sewing shop that employs only clinically mentally-ill women and is run by Faigie's mother. After Faigie's suicide attempt, the bond between her and Nathan's family tightens and she finds herself spending more and more time at their home. Her help becomes even greater as Nathan’s wife, Yocheved, progresses with a high-risk pregnancy that comes 18 years after the birth of her only son.


Faigie is a troubled teenaged girl that finds it difficult to express herself. She has never read a romantic book, seen a movie or a TV show. She is very innocent on one hand, but her inner power, sincerity and daring character are what draws Nathan to engage in what he abandoned in the past: caring for the women of the community. Nathan possesses special abilities to reach the hearts of women and help them in the lowest points of their lives.


This season follows Faigie for two years and ends with her wedding day. Throughout the season it is not clear who the groom is. At times, we will be certain Nathan is the groom and other times it will seem impossible. What happens to a teenaged girl, when a man teaches her the will of life when all she wants is to die, and he becomes her only reason to live? What happens to her when she is young, beautiful, and single? And what happens when more and more women share her feelings for that same man?

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