Bloody Murray


Season 1  |  8 x 30'

Language  |  Hebrew

Status | In Development


Created by

Stav Idisis

Written by

Stav Idisis

Produced by

Kastina Communications

International Distribution

yes Studios

Meet Murray and Dana: lifelong friends and roommates who share one unlucky commonality - they’re both still single and approaching their late 30s. Dana is an accomplished gynecologist, though she has yet to start a family of her own; Murray is a witty and cynical film lecturer obligated to teach a seminar on romantic comedy this semester. Living together eases the anxiety and loneliness that comes with being ageing bachelorettes, but the drama of their lives unfortunately ends up mirroring that of the films discussed in Murray’s class. 


When Murray gets into a car accident with a luxury car and escapes from the scene, she never imagines she would see the handsome stranger she collided with ever again. But sure enough, this mystery man discovers her identity, locates her address, and arrives at her home - only to meet and immediately become enamored with her best friend. 


Murray’s budding jealousy of her roommate’s new romance propels her into a comedic spiral of attempting to sabotage the relationship and take her best friend’s man for herself. When Murray first met him in the car accident it most definitely was not love at first sight. But that's how every classic romantic comedy begins - with mutual rejection and fatal accidents...and Murray is convinced that they are destined to be together.

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