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Embassy Down

תחריר- איכות נמוכה.jpg

Action Thriller

Season 1  |  6 x 50'

Language  |  Hebrew, Arabic

Created by

Shlomo Moshiach

Ariel Benbaji

Ester Namdar Tamam

Written by

Shlomo Moshiach

Produced by

yes TV , ARTZA Productions

International Distribution

yes Studios

As thousands of angry protesters storm the Israeli embassy in Cairo, five Israeli embassy staff members find themselves trapped inside, as the steel door that separates them from being torn to pieces by violent mobs begins to collapse.


No rescue force is able to reach them. The beseiged Israelis realize that these may be the last hours of their lives, and tensions begin to rise among them; Specifically between security agent TAL SHEMTOV (25), his childhood friend ROY BARZANI (25), Chief of security and Shemtov’s boss, and Barzani’s neglected girlfriend HAGAR (25), caught up in the middle with a secret of her own.


At a time in history when political and personal interests mix, and values of solidarity and the promise that “no soldier is left behind” are left empty of meaning, unstable friendships and national relations between Egypt and Israel, are pushed to the brink of war.


Inspired by true events.

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