Embassy Down


Action Thriller

Season 1  |   8 x 50' 

Language  |  Hebrew, Arabic, English

Status | In Development


Created by

Ariel Benbaji

Directed by

Ariel Benbaji

Written by


Produced by

Artza Productions & yes Studios

International Distribution

yes Studios

Set during the dramatic events of the Arab Spring in Tahrir Square, and culminating in the violent takeover of the Israeli embassy in Cairo, six members of staff are trapped inside the building, while two Arab brothers are caught in the crossfire. 


“Tahrir” unravels the drama behind the siege of the Israeli embassy in Cairo during a harrowing 48 hours. The series takes place against the backdrop of the civil and social uprising that swept the country, fueled and mobilized for the first time in history through social media - embodying the lack of faith in traditional institutions.


Political interests and personal survival clash in “Tahrir” as those trapped in the building and the demonstrators outside are caught in the crossfire, leaving it to a few to defuse a nearly impossible and volatile situation. “Tahrir" explores themes that are incredibly relevant today, providing a glimpse behind the scenes of Middle-Eastern diplomacy during two critical days.