True-crime Thril

Season 1  |  7 x 45'

Language  |  Hebrew

Status | In Production


Created by

Yotam Gendelman

Directed by

Yotam Gendelman

Written by

Shira Porat and Yotam Gendelman 

Produced by

yes TV & Movie Plus

International Distribution

yes Studios

Based on the unbelievable story of Eti Alon, an employee at a family-owned bank, who embezzled its clients’ entire savings and capital, that brought upon the downfall of the bank.  


Eti stole more than 100M USD ( current value 1B USD)  which she funneled to her gambling-addicted brother, Ofer, to save him from debt collectors.  

The story exploded in 2002 after Eti quietly entered a police station and tried to turn herself in. After 8 hours of waiting on a bench for someone to pay attention, investigators finally turned to the box-blonde mother of two and heard her unbelievable confession, unravelling a case which changed Israeli society.  

The money stolen was siphoned to illicit casinos run by local organized crime, and was used to buy sophisticated arms and advanced ammunition, fueling internal wars and giving rise to a new generation of young crime families; crueler, more violent, and richer than ever.