Girl Undercover

Young Adult / Tween Thriller

Season  1  |  20 x 40’

Season 2 | Commissioned

Language |  Hebrew  

Created & Written by

Liad Shoham and Dana Shatz Brown

Co-Created by

Michal Cooper Keren

Written by

Dana Shatz Brown

and Michal Cooper Keren

Produced by

yes TV, HSCC Slutzky Communication

International Distribution

yes Studios

When a teenage girl is the only witness to a violent murder at her high school, she is forced to enter the witness protection program and take refuge in a home of an ultra-orthodox family – observing new rites, rituals and believes. A fish out of water, she has to fit in, while also trying to solve the mystery surrounding the murder. Aimed at a young adult audience, the series takes place in two bordering cities/ neighborhoods adjacent yet worlds away.