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Johnny and the Knights of the Galilee


Comedy Drama

Season 1  |  13 x 40'

Language  |  Hebrew


Created by 
Dani Rosenberg, Tom Shoval
Directed by 
Dani Rosenberg, Tom Shoval
Written by 
Dani Rosenberg, Tom Shoval
Produced by

yes TV, July August Productions

International Distribution

yes Studios

"Johnny and the Knights of the Galilee" tells the story of four childhood friends from a small village in the Galilee who stumble upon an original business idea which will make the most of their various abilities – they open an escort service exclusively for women, the first of its kind in the country. The service becomes a surprising success around the Galilee, while the four friends struggle with their new and challenging identities as gigolos.

Every episode advances three or four plot lines, following the adventures of the four friends, the women they meet in their personal lives as well as their professional sexual encounters - and the fine line separating the two.


By turning the spotlight on the bedroom, the show sharply exposes the power play and tension between genders, classes and different sectors in Israeli society. The men in the show see selling their bodies as a tempting and lucrative business opportunity, but paradoxically, it’s their dubious business that forms a bond of solidarity between them.

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