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Created by

Tamir Yulevich

Produced by

Yes Studios

International Distribution

yes Studios

Otis is a digital-technological sitcom, satirically and amusingly depicting the era of technology from a different and original point of view. The first sitcom starring software programs, apps and computers. It's series of short, humorous stories whereby the main characters are a Web server, a Firewall, a malware, a chatbot and a motherboard.

In Northern Sweden, close to the Arctic Circle, at 20 meters under the ice, with an external temperature of -45 degrees below zero, we find the server farm of one of the biggest internet sites in the world. Within this main computer, we find our heroes: OTIS, (web server), SAM (firewall), SWEENEY (delivery management software), LYDIA (malware), ELIZABETH (motherboard), and BILL and HARRY (chatbots). As part of their work, they come across all sorts of phenomena typical in the digital world, from shaming and fake news to the search for the meaning of life via digital assistants (Siri, Alexa and others).


Each episode deals with one of these stories, from the point of view of the users (the people) and the show’s heroes (the software).  Their daily routine changes when Lydia discovers that, in light of the site’s growth and increasing sales, engineers have decided they need an upgrade. They are now trying to decide whether they should upgrade the existing characters or create an entirely new server, which would mean cutting off energy for our entire cast of characters—a death sentence. This threat preoccupies our heroes throughout the season.

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