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The Devil Next Door

The Devil Next Door | Main Trailer | Netflix
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Limited Series  |  5 x 45' 

Language  |  English, Hebrew


Created by

Yossi Bloch, Daniel Sivan

Directed by

Yossi Bloch, Daniel Sivan

Produced by

One Man Show, Submarine Deluxe

in association with yes Studios

International Distribution


The Devil Next Door is a 4-part series of John Demjanjuk, a retired Ukrainian-American automotive worker in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio in the 1980s, who is accused of being a notoriously cruel Nazi death camp guard during World War II, known as Ivan the Terrible. After being extradited to Israel to face trial for crimes against humanity, Demjanjuk becomes the center of a huge media storm.

The series documents how the case unfolded, with all its twists and turns.


"The series is made to perfection... 'The Devil Next Door' provides an amazing display of archival research, a selection of the best footage editing, and the seamless flow of current and relevant interviews" |

"The Devil Next Door hailed as best true crime documentary of the year" |

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