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A documentary series in collaboration with ERAN-Emotional First Aid Association.


Aref, Marcela, Ziv and Lydia are volunteers and professionals, who had extensive training and conducted countless conversations. They each have that one conversation they will never forget.


Aref, a Druze manager of the Northern branch of ERAN, receives a call from a fellow Druze who has been sent to murder his sister in the name of his family's honor.


Marcella talks to an overworked and exhausted medical intern, which raises old emotions from her own tragic story.


Ziv takes a call from a father with suicidal intentions. Should he violate his anonymity in order to save him?


Lydia, the Tel-Aviv branch manager, receives a call from an elderly lonely man during the holiday season and decides to dissipate his loneliness and celebrate the holiday evening with him.


Unlike most documentary series, Lifeline has very strong Unique Selling Points and several format elements including the unique storytelling, which combines actual Lifeline volunteers with actors improvising off real cases. The access to local help lines is part of the bible which also includes dozens of various cases spanning several subjects which can be locally adapted in any country (i.e. suicide, depression, family violence, loneliness, etc).


Feature | 1 x 75' 

Series | 4 x 50'

Short Form Series | 8 x 25'

Language | Hebrew, Arabic

Written & Directed by

Sharon Yaish, Golan Rise

Produced by

yes Docu, Endemol Shine Israel

International Distribution

yes Studios

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