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Nova tribe, a community of over 10,000 psychedelic trance music enthusiasts, has in recent years, gathered together for an annual outdoor festival. This year's event, held on October 7th in southern Israel, close to the border with Gaza, ended in a devastating tragedy, with the cold-blooded massacre of over 300 partygoers and the abduction of a further 40.


During the days following the event, director Dan Pe'er, who was engaged in volunteer efforts to aid survivors, started receiving a multitude of video and audio clips from survived festival goers. #NOVA chronicles the harrowing atrocities minute by minute, merely through festival survivors camera footage, and terrorists body camera recordings. With no outside intervention, the raw documentary reveals the true, bone-chilling atrocities of October 7th.

"#NOVA, created with utmost skill and momentum by director Dan Pe'er, is an outstanding documentary. Literally.

Some may call it a hypnotizing reconstruction created in a sterling effort, with sharp skill and endless sensitivity."

Einav Shiff, Yediot


"11 minutes into the film, the height of the tragedy is nowhere near, but the body caves in pain, and wells of tears gush."

Nadav Menuchin, Walla


"… this documentary is tantalizing and important to watch."

Smadar Shiloni, Ynet



"…in the realms of documentary there is a winner, and the winner is breath-taking, sorrowful and historical, completed at uttermost speed which goes completely unnoticed."

Nir Wolf, Israel Hayom


Feature | 52' 

Language | Hebrew, Arabic

Directed by

Dan Pe'er

Produced by

yes Docu, Kastina Communications

International Distribution

yes Studios

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