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Yes Man

Yes Man - First Look - Eng Subs
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Non Scripted

Season 1  | 20 x 25'

Season 2 | 15 x 25'

Language  |  Hebrew  


Created by

Ram Landes, Ami Teer, Talia Inbar,
Ori Halevy

Directed by

Talia Inbar

Produced by

yes TV, Koda Communications

International Distribution

yes Studios

Five celebrities pledge to say "yes" to things they would have usually said "no" to - following a path set for them by the show's mentor and host.


The goal is to deal with circumstances, dilemmas and encounters they would

have normally avoided, in order to help themselves out of personal and professional ruts, and achieve meaningful change.


The series accompanies participants for six months, during which they confront people, tackle situations and deal with relationships they missed or messed up,

re-take previosuly avoided paths and aim to fulfill the dreams they lacked the courage to achieve.

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