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Kids Comedy

Season 1  |  12 x 20’

Language  |  Hebrew  


Created by

Shira Alon

Written by

Shira Alon

Directed by

Aviad Keidar

Produced by

yes TV, Darset Productions

International Distribution

yes Studios

MAYA, is an insta-famous full-time mother, thrown into the online world of social
media fame. The video of her dubbing the family dog went viral after her three
daughters (18, 15 and 13) posted it on to YouTube. After the video reaches millions of
views, the family becomes a full-time production hub with the daughters managing the family channel as well as their parents' life. The reversal of roles shifts the balance between parents and kids with the teens now responsible for the family's income, as they control the skills needed to keep them trending.

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