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My Sister Skipped A Grade

My Sister Skipped a Grade
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KIds Comedy

Season  1  |  14 x 20’

Season 2  |  14 x 20’

Season 3  |  16 x 20’

Language |  Hebrew  

Created by

Hen Kliman

Written by

Hen Kliman

Directed by

Yoni Gara

Produced by

yes TV, T.T.V Productions

International Distribution

yes Studios

Fourteen year old Roni skipped two grades - straight into her older sister Michal’s
class, and now they are starting high-school together. It’s the worst thing that could have ever happen to Michal and the coolest thing that could have happen to Roni! Every big brother or big sister that has ever been tasked with looking after their younger sibling will be able to identify with the situations depicted in "My Sister Skipped a Grade"; the need to forge your own identity and friends while having someone tagging along.

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