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Crime Drama

Season 1  | 9 x 40'

Language  |  Hebrew  


Created by

Guy Balila, Elad Biton

Directed by

Guy Balila, Shay Kanot

Written by

Guy Balila, Elad Biton

Produced by

yes TV, Gross Productions

International Distribution

yes Studios

Inspired by true events

The raw, moving and painful coming of age story of a group of underprivileged teens from the tough, decrepit "Bnei-Or" neighborhood in the remote desert city of Be'er Sheva.


Led by Johnny, who has just been released from juvenile prison, the gang decide to make money the only way they know how – selling drugs. Their small enterprise quickly develops into a burgeoning business, which they manage with much skill and muscle. As the word of their success spreads, established criminals want a piece of the action and the kids soon find themselves entangled in a turf was with seasoned criminals.


Pushing drugs and pushing boundaries, the "Bnei Or" crew try to change the reality of their circumstances while dealing with the consequences of their actions.


"'Pushers' is one of the best series of the past few years". |


"The series has unexpectedly dominated the conversation and the country for the past two months... and has become a cult cultural phenomena that has transcended the screen". |

"'Pushers' doesn't wear a picture-perfect guise unlike other series; it's not intimidated by background righteous voices, and chooses to promote strong statements through its non-conformist characters, whom you keep wanting to explore further… it's the best Israeli series of 2021." Israel Today


Official Selection  - Black Night Film Festival Tallinn, Estonia

Official Selection - Berlin TV SERIES FESTIVAL Germany

Winner - Best Script in a Drama Series, Israeli Academy TV Awards | Israel

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