Season 1  |  13 x 24' 

Season 2 |  13 x 24

Season 3 |  10 x 24

Language  |  Hebrew  


Created & Written by
Ron Feldman, Anat Oren

Directed by

Ron Feldman

Produced by

yes TV, July August Productions

International Distribution

yes Studios

Despite his attempts to take charge of his life, Ron remains quite the same. At
36 years old, he has grown accustomed to his gray and dull daily routine, and
as he looks back he sees his best years waving at him. He hasn’t found love, a
career or even a general direction of meaning, and that begins weighing on his
soul. In an attempt to pull himself together, he reconnects with an old flame
and tries to break his habits in order to achieve a little piece of happiness.