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Shared Spaces 

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Workplace Comedy

Season 1  |   9 x 45' 

Language  |  Hebrew


Created by

yes Studios, Erez Aviram

Directed by


Written by

Erez Aviram

Produced by

yes Studios 

International Distribution

yes Studios

"In MyPlace, thinkers and dreamers all share the same reception, the same roof, the same beer on tap and yoga teacher, busy approaching the runway and trying to take off."


The “We Generation” reigns supreme, and the millennial workforce demands more from work than just a job. Experiences are valued, a sense of community is craved and an inherent need to make a difference. To count. To be part of something greater than themselves. In the modern work-place this is demonstrated in everything from drinkware; an oversized coffee mug beseeching to “Always Do What You Love”, a reusable metal water cup persuading them to “Make a Life, Not Just a Living” – to the wallpaper in the bathroom shouting “Never Settle” and “Hustle Harder” in big black letters.


It’s in this “Hustle Harder” environment, a communal workspace, that our series takes place. Where small start-ups, entrepreneurs, artists, creators, and students all look for the same thing - a power outlet for their laptop. Members can rent a floating desk, a booth, or a permanent office (keycard and conference room credits included) in an electric community that offers free coffee, beer, and even dog treats for the canine friend you swear has “separation anxiety” and must join you at the office.


The atmosphere is young and dynamic. Creativity blossoms on each floor, the smell of competition is in the air, and the ambition is contagious. While there is some industrial espionage and professional jealousy, there are also collaborations, synergy, love and sex -not necessarily in that order - and, as expected, disappointments, disillusionment, and failure. Everything can happen, everything truly happens, in one space that is everything: a workplace, coffee house, dating site, community center, and support group.

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