The Chef


Season 1  |   9 x 38' 

Language  |  Hebrew

Status | In Production


Created by

Erez Kavel, Orit Dabush

Directed by

Erez Kav El

Written by

Erez Kavel, Orit Dabush

Produced by

yes TV, Kastina Communications

International Distribution

yes Studios

Nimrod (42), has had enough with the Hi-Tech world and has left his high-paying job. But he has been now unemployed for over a year, and after yet another failed job interview, and desperate to provide for his family – he takes the first job he can get. And so, in his 40’s he finds himself on the bottom of the totem pole working as a prep cook in the kitchen of a prestigious restaurant:  ‘Sophia’. Nimrod slowly learns the demanding and exciting world of an upscale the kitchen – from chopping, to blanching, and poaching - to a complete service – ruled by strict hierarchy and highly competitive.  When Sarah, a young and talented cook, joins the team, she helps him find his place in the kitchen. But as Nimrod starts feeling empowered at work, at home things deteriorate. As the  financial pressures mount, he and his wife are drifting apart, and their relationship crumbles.

Dori (40) is the restaurant’s charismatic, successful chef, and an eligible bachelor. Despite his fame and accomplishments, he feels isolated. As he sees new young chefs around him getting the attention that was once his, the fear of losing his fame and standing makes him paranoid and anxious; he cannot see anyone close to him come up and make a name for themselves. Lonelier than ever, Dori surrounds himself with the new people that look up to him – Nimrod and Sarah. 


Unthreatened by Nimrod, the two become closer, and Dori soon makes him his prodigy. Sarah brings with her a fresh vibe in the restaurant, and Dori falls for her professionally. He mentors her while also confiding and consulting with her often, soon making her his right-hand person. However, as soon as Sarah starts succeeding Dori’s old demons come out, threatening to destroy everything near him. The close relationship between Dori and Sarah brings Nimrod to the edge, and they both compete for Sarah’s attention, forming a complicated love triangle. For the first time, the lowly cook goes against his chef... and the two lose out.


Winner - Best Lead Actor, Berlin TV Series Festival | Berlin, Germany

World Premiere - Zurich Film Festival | Zurich, Switzerland

Official Competition - SerienCamp Munich | Munich, Germany

Special Program - Toronto Jewish Film Festival | Toronto, Canada

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