The Chef


Season 1  |   9 x 38' 

Language  |  Hebrew

Status | Currently Airing


Created by

Erez Kavel, Orit Dabush

Directed by

Erez Kav El

Written by

Erez Kavel, Orit Dabush

Produced by

yes TV, Kastina Communications

International Distribution

yes Studios

Nimrod, a disenfranchised former high-tech worker, desperate to provide for his family and restore his self-esteem, is offered a second chance as a lowly prep cook at a famous restaurant, run by charismatic and tempestuous chef/owner Dori, who battles to stay relevant in the ultra-competitive culinary world. Finding his place and learning to enjoy the microcosm of the upscale kitchen, Nimrod strikes up a friendship with a new talented chef, Sara, which throws his home and work life into a tailspin.  


Winner - Best Lead Actor, Berlin TV Series Festival | Germany

World Premiere - Zurich Film Festival | Switzerland

Official Competition - SerienCamp Munich | Germany

Special Program - Toronto Jewish Film Festival | Canada

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