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Unsilenced - Trailer
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Season 1 | 6 x 50' 

Language | Hebrew

Created by

Avraham Shalom Levi, Tamar Marom, Moish GoldbergEinat Zilber Damari  

Co-Created by

Odelia Karmon

Written by

Avraham Shalom Levi, Tamar Marom

Based on the novel 'The Confidante' by Odelia Karmon

Directed by

Moish Goldberg

Produced by

yes TV, Great Productions

International Distribution

yes Studios

Inspired by real events, "Unsilenced" is a 6 episodes story of a newly elected President with rumors of sexual assault and rape of a staffer named Oshrat swirling around him. His top adviser Avinoam realizes that if news of this leaks out, the scandal could destroy the President’s career and his own. Yet more women are stepping forward to corroborate Oshrat’s account. Will this lead to the conviction of the man seated in the highest office in the land?

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