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Who Died?

Who Died? - Trailer
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Romantic Comedy 

Season 1  |  10 x 24' 

Language  |  Hebrew

Created by

Eyal Eltawil, Sarel Piterman,

Yogev Yefet

Directed by

Yogev Yefet

Written by

Sarel Piterman, Eyal Eltawil, Yogev Yefet

Produced by

yes TV, Artza Productions

International Distribution

yes Studios

Sales | Finished Tape 

Brazil (Globo)


A romantic comedy set in the most unlikely of places - the oncology department.

The series follows the relationship, little fights and squabbles of a young couple that might seem odd when compared to the more pressing battle for their lives.

Eran is a recently diagnosed and downtrodden single man while Michal is a longtime cancer survivor, a woman who lives aloud and devours life.

They unexpectedly meet at the cancer ward while battling their diagnosis in very different ways. Their unique connection sparks the first steps in a journey that runs the full gamut of emotions –  from moments of great happiness to frightening lows, but mostly full of love and optimism.

Inspired by the life story of its creator, Eyal Eltawil, a stand-up comedian, lecturer, and author of the novel "The Cancer is Dying of Laughter".


Official Selection - SerienCamp Munich | Germany


"Despite its serious topic, 'Who Died' is careful to stay optimistic and empowering

at every given moment, no small feat for a comedy where death hangs over

every scene." | Israel Hayom

"Avoids melodrama…gentle and serious, authentic and beautiful." | Calcalist

"…an exact dosage of funny-touching" |

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