Who Died?

Romantic Comedy 

Season 1  |  10 x 24' 

Language  |  Hebrew

Status | In Production


Created by

Eyal Eltawil, Sarel Piterman,

Yogev Yefet

Directed by

Yogev Yefet

Written by

Sarel Piterman

Written by

Yogev Yefet, Elad Cohen

Produced by

yes TV, Artza Productions

International Distribution

yes Studios

Eran Levy thought his life couldn't get any worst... and then he was diagnosed with cancer. His life is about to change completely when he meets Michal, an experienced patient at the cancer ward. 


Together, they will fight the greatest battle for their lives. Only now, when death is nearby, Eran truly starts living. A romantic-comedy taking place at the cancer ward - full of optimism, love, and medical marijuana.

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