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Sci-Fi Thriller

Season 1  |  8 x 42'

Language  |  Hebrew

Created and Written by

Yishai Orian

Yair Sagi

Directed by

Ilan Abudi

Produced by

yes TV , Ananey Studios

International Distribution

yes Studios

After NOYA, a 17-year-old girl, is killed in a car crash, her father AVNER, a strict

officer who has just retired from the military, and DARIA, Noya’s best friend and a

social media persona, set off on a journey together to investigate her death. They

cross paths with a police investigation concerning teenagers who developed an

addiction to an underground gaming app named Wonder and slipped into a catatonic



Avner, who was mostly absent from Noya’s life, faces a series of shocking

revelations about his daughter. His and Daria’s investigation, along with flashbacks

into Noya’s past, gradually unfold the dark chain of events that led to her nighttime

accident in the desert.

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