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You Should've Heard of Us

You Should've Heard of Us - Trailer
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Season 1  |  8 x 25' 

Language  |  Hebrew  


Created by

Galit Hugi, Noa Arenberg

Directed by

Guri Alfi

Written by

Galit Hugi, Noa Arenberg

Produced by

yes TV, Teddy Productions

International Distribution

yes Studios

Chava and Nava served together in the military band back in 1974, the last golden era of military bands, when singing soldiers were the biggest stars of the country. Only that Chava and Nava weren't stars at all, they were completely forgettable singing o la la's in the back row. They came to the band with big dreams – Nava's, to be a comedian and entertainer and Chava to be a lead soloist. But, as bands sometimes are, they have their own rules and the girls had no chance and even when the slightest one came along, Giora, the charismatic band composer, ruined it for them.

They finish their mandatory army service with a broken dream and some fresh traumas, each moving on to live the rest of her dull life. Far from the friendship they had and their naïve dreams, Chava became a housewife and mother of three, while Nava became an electricity company employee, that does everything but contribute to society. 

The sudden death of Chava's husband brings them together after 40 years apart, reminding them of what brought them together in the first place. Their reunion brings with it waves of memories and emotions that sets the women on a journey of confronting everything they repressed for all these years and reclaim everything that was taken from them.

History blows up in the faces of the ones who hurt them the most at a band reunion, when they finally confront their old music director Giora, after he goes on stage to reminisce about the grand old days and lies to everybody about that famous solo.

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