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Your Honor

YOUR HONOR | S2 - Trailer
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Season 1  |  12 x 35' 

Season 2 |  10 x 40' 

Language  |  Hebrew  


Created by

Shlomo Mashiach, Ron Ninio

Directed by

Ron Ninio

Written by

Shlomo Mashiach

Produced by

yes TV, Koda Communication

International Distribution

yes Studios

International Format Adaptations

US, India, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Turkey, Spain 

Season 1 - The life of brilliant judge Micha Alkoby is heading down a promising path, with a promotion coming soon. It all changes after his teenage son, Shay, is involved in a hit-and-run, in which he’s the guilty party. Just as Micah is about to turn Shay in, he learns the victim is a member of a crime family, the kind that runs its own system of justice.

Season 2 - After Judge Alkoby shot Asaf Ben Attar, he finds himself in serious trouble, not only with his family, but also  the Caucasus mafia, that understands the importance of having a District Judge in its pocket.


Winner - Grand Prix, Series Mania 2017 | Lille, France

Official Selection - Series Mania Australia | Australia

Official Selection - Zurich Film Festival | Switzerland

Official Selection - Odessa Film Festival | Ukraine

Official Selection - SerienCamp | Germany

Official Selection - Chicago International TV Festival | USA

Official Selection - Boston Jewish Film Festival | USA

Official Selection - Chicago Festival of Israeli CInema | USA

Official Selection - Israel Film Festival | Los Angeles, USA

Official Selection - Seattle Jewish Film Festival | USA

Official Selection - San Francisco Jewish Film Festival | USA

Official Selection - Other Jewish Film Festival | NY, USA

Official Selection - UK Jewish Film Festival | London, UK

Official Selection - Rome Jewish Film Festival | Italy

Official Selection - Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival | China

Official Selection - Toronto Jewish Film Festival | Canada

Official Selection - Berlin Jewish Film Festival | Germany

Official Selection - Zurich Jewish Film Festival | Switzerland

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